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  • Poultry science teaches people how to raise and manage healthy chickens and ducks for eggs or meat
  • Poultry can defined as domestically birds chickens,quails,turkey etc,..
  • At present poultry in one of the fastest growing branches of the agricultural courses in India
  • It is one of the most important components of the farmers’ economy
  • Poultry carrier provides extra income and job opportunity
  • Courses and eligibility is you can opt certificate,diploma,bachelor,masters and ph.d courses in the field
  • Poultry courses dealing with production management ,breeding,nutrition,anatomy and physiology
  • Job positions of poultry science is poultry economics,
  • value addition technologist
  • feeding technologist
  • processing, production
  • poultry house designer
  • breeder,
  • manager, educational field personnel


  • domestication of poultry started from several thousand years ago
  • firstly, chicken was domesticated to use in cockfighting and quails are kept for their songs