1. What is Optometry?

Optometry is a study related to the human eye, its problems & treatment.

2. What are duties of optometrist?

Optometrists are primary eye care professionals who examine and treat ocular diseases and help in transforming lives through the gift of vision. They deal with a variety of visual problems affecting people from children to elders. They are trained to estimate the refractive errors and prescribe the corrective measures such as spectacles, contact lens and other low vision aids. Optometrists can even detect systemic health conditions through examination of visual system.

3.Will Optometry be an interesting study that suits my interest?

If your interest is in any of the following then…here is amazing future for you.


Development of high-tech affordable systems


Commercialization of product,

Development of high-tech affordable systems

Humanitarian projects of helping people,


Advanced technology development.

4.What are the causes for eye problems?

Over exposure to blue light radiation from digital devices
Poor nutrition
Eye strain due to pollution and UV radiation

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