B.sc Optometry


A Healthcare Profession for Vision Care

Optometry is a specialized healthcare profession that focuses on measuring vision, prescribing and fitting lenses to improve vision, and detecting and treating various eye diseases. Optometrists are primary healthcare practitioners responsible for refraction and dispensing. They also assist in the diagnosis and management of eye conditions, and visual system conditions.Anna School of Science and Management Institute: Offering a Bachelor’s Degree in Optometry

Anna School of Science and Management Institute: Offering a Bachelor’s Degree in Optometry

At Anna School of Science and Management Institute, we have offered the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Optometry course since 2017, along with BBA Aviation Management and B.Sc Catering courses. Our college is approved by a government-authorized university, and we take pride in providing bachelor and diploma degree courses to our students. We also facilitate education loans that are legally approved for our students.

Experienced faculty and practical learning

Our B.Sc Optometry classes are conducted by well-known and experienced faculty members who provide comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical training to our students. We believe in providing live practical experiences for our students, and they receive training from senior and renowned doctors from popular hospitals.

Training and Internship Opportunities

We prioritize our students’ professional development and provide ample opportunities for training and internships. In 2017, our optometry students received optical training across Tamil Nadu. In 2018, they trained in government hospitals in batches. We also conduct free eye camps in schools, colleges, old age homes, and villages in Madurai and other places. Our students actively participate in these camps.

In 2019, our students received training at “DR. Nainar Hospital,” and in 2020, we tied up with “DR. Agarwal Hospital” for further training. In the final year of the B.Sc Optometry course, we provide internships for our students in leading eye hospitals across India. Our alumni students are now employed in various eye hospitals and opticals, enjoying high salaries.